An End of the Semester Little Self-Aggrandizement Corner

I just dismissed my last Barnard course, let them fill out evaluations, and had the penultimate sit here in my Barnard office. And I just discovered that one of my students had kept a record called “Quotable Karl (& Less Quotable Karl),” which she deposited in my mailbox. Here are the quotes:

On Switzerland: “You can see it in Goldfinger“*

On college-level spelling courses: “Oh, you mean without beer.”

On the discursive construct of cannibalism** in Heart of Darkness: “Like you’re on a ship that’s being piloted by a burrito.”

On pedagogy: “I’m just saying words.”

On student discussion: “Gold stars for everyone!”

On his sentence: “No, that’s stupid.”

On contributing to society: “It’s probably better — for the world — if I don’t talk more.”

On himself: “I’m full of deepness.”

On domestic violence and Hurston: “I believe the word is ‘blow,’ not ‘girly slap.'”***

Notes by the object of study:
* Frankenstein discussion.
** I love it when my students–my Freshmen!–start talking like this.
*** In correcting a student’s misapprehension of Janie’s violence in hitting Tea Cake in Their Eyes Were Watching God

I should also say that my students have parodied me to my face. They’re especially fond of my use of the word “fantastic” as an all-purpose modifier for books I like. This happen to anyone else?