Snappy Answers


Be aware of the discussion here, where JJC at last steps into the most recent animals discussions; and don’t forget (to fantasize) the past: Dinosaurs!
We watched the not so good documentary Derrida the other night (if you want a good postmodern documentary, try The Watermelon Woman; what a good poststructuralist documentary would look like, I’m not sure: any suggestions?). Whatever the faults of the film itself, the subject himself charmed the bejeezus out of ALK and me (having recently seen another documentary about a contemporary philosopher, we at least got a sense of which one we would trust as a housesitter. Hint: not the one who might put up a quasi-ironic poster of Stalin).

The interviewer at one point asks JD one of my least favorite questions. Looking at his walls and walls of books (hilariously focusing on two Anne Rice paperbacks), she asks him if he’s read them all. For years, my response to this question has been, “No, but I’ve used them all.” Clever, yes? Okay, more precious than clever. Surely we can’t say the same thing (or can we?) for Derrida’s wry, “3 or 4. But I’ve read those very well.” Forgive me (or better still, correct me) if I misquote.

(Extra special bonus feature for lovers of Derrida’s work on animals: his cat? The one that stares at him naked? It meows at the camera. Cute.)

If you’re in a talkative mood, let’s talk about the least favorite questions we get as readers and/or academics. If you’re feeling generous or humane, turn off the irritation and wonder at the questions. Do what you do best and kvetch analyze.

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