Allegorical Battles of the Sexes, Medieval and Modern

The fourteenth century reimagined for the twentieth: the war between the sexes, 2 images.

EDIT “war between men and women” is language I’m getting from here, but the obvious, yet important point, is the way that this framing of love as war papers overs the actual violence of men against women (the ‘objective’ violence of gendered relations, to use, sort of, Zizek’s language). Malle gives his conflict allegory slightly more accuracy by giving the men more powerful, more ‘official’ weapons — field artillery (surely a signal of their political, economic, etc power) — but, as in the Middle Ages, the allegory obscures more than clarifies.

Louis Malle, BLACK MOON, executing prisoners
Luttrell Psalter, 75v

(thanks Alison Kinney for demanding a clarification for this post – any mistakes in thought are my own!)